Chinese Twins Become Internet Famous After Finishing Harvard Grad School in One Year

Chinese Twins Become Internet Famous After Finishing Harvard Grad School in One Year
Ryan General
By Ryan General
May 31, 2017
A pair of talented twin sisters from China have become overnight internet darlings after earning their graduate degrees from the prestigious Harvard University in an impressively short period of time.
Identical sisters Sun Yumeng and Sun Yutong have captured Chinese social media by storm, not only because of their gorgeous looks but also due to their academic brilliance, AsiaOne reports.
According to People’s Daily Online, the talented Sun sisters grew up together in the Jiangsu capital city of Nanjing. The inseparable sisters spent their junior and senior high school at Nanjing Foreign Language School.
Both of them joined the bodybuilding team in high school and later won the title of being national-level bodybuilders together. They were admitted to Fudan University in Shanghai in 2012.
The beautiful pair first made headlines last year after receiving their offers from Harvard Graduate School of Education. Just one year later, they accomplished a much more impressive feat.
The 23-year-old sisters were also able to finish their graduate degrees in Education from one of the United States’ most coveted schools, just one year after completing their undergraduate studies at Fudan University in Shanghai.
Images of the sisterly duo have now become widely shared by Chinese netizens on various social media platforms. The Sun sisters have yet to reveal their plans after breezing through Harvard with ease.
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