That Awkward Moment When a Chinese Host Thinks Desiigner is Rapping During Interview

On Sunday, Los Angeles played host to the American Music Awards, where international sensation BTS made their first U.S. performance debut.

Also in attendance was GOT7‘s Jackson Wang, aka “that hot Asian guy next to Liam Payne“.

Wang, who hails from Hong Kong, served as a Youku ambassador in addition to lending his support to his BTS brethren.

As part of his ambassador duties, Wang interviewed a number of stars for the Chinese social media site, including rapper Desiigner.

via Instagram / lifeofdesiigner

Wang’s interview with Desiigner seemed pretty standard, but part of his crew was, like, really feeling it.

Twitter user Sunnyjiaer first noticed the interesting interview and posted it to her twitter account; it was shortly retweeted by hunnyblush and quickly went viral.

via Twitter / hunnyblush

The tweet has since been deleted; luckily, Snoop Dogg captured the hilarious moment for all to see, posting the video to his Instagram.

A post shared by snoopdogg (@snoopdogg) on

Netizens, of course, loved it.

According to BuzzFeed, the woman is a Chinese TV presenter named Wenya, who “hadn’t really been paying attention to what Desiigner was saying” but thought he “had a lot of rhythm when he was talking”.

via Instagram / miss_wwenya

“It was my first time attending the AMAs, and I was really excited because the red carpet felt like one giant party,” she added.

Although she’s bewildered that she went viral in the West, she’s happy to have brought joy to netizens around the world.

What?!!!!!! The said I am famous in twitter now…. What has happened…..😂

A post shared by Miss_W温小姐 (@miss_wwenya) on

“I hadn’t realized that my dancing looked so funny, and it was completely off beat too,” she said. “I need to practice.”


Feature Image via Instagram / (Left): miss_wwenya | (Right): snoopdogg

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