Fight Erupts After Chinese Tourists Throw Melon Seeds into Scenic Lake

Angry villagers living near a famous tourist spot in Yunnan, China engaged in a brawl against some Chinese tourists they caught littering in the area.

Locals were reportedly angered after they discovered that the tourists were throwing shells of their melon seeds into the clear waters of Lugu Lake last Friday.


The residents confronted the visitors but their discussion soon escalated into a free-for-all fight, reports South China Morning Post.  

Footage captured by a bystander showed the villagers and tourists grabbing at each other, with some hitting their targets with wooden oars.

Fortunately, the fight was broken up by one local before the authorities arrived. Members of both parties who engaged in the brawl sustained injuries.

“There were injuries to varying degrees on both sides (one tourist dislocated his hand, another was slightly injured),” the police announced via their official Weibo account. “At present, the injured are being treated in hospital.”

Home to the matriarchal ethnic group Mosuo people with a population of around 50,000, Lugu Lake is one of many lakes in the Yunnan province that tourists flock to during the holidays.

As the influx of visitors caused significant strain on the province’s wastewater treatment facilities in recent years, Lugu Lake has been taking its anti-pollution campaigns seriously.

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