Chinese Tourist Lays the Smackdown on Uncivilized Chinese Tourists She’s Traveling With

Normally, when uncivilized Chinese tourists behave badly abroad, it’s foreigners calling them out. This time though, they’re getting put in their place by one of their own. 

Bin Bin Ji, a woman from Beijing also known as “Sister Bin,” has become a celebrity in China after posting a 3-minute rant on Facebook condemning some Chinese tourists she’s traveling with in Thailand.

Since her video has gone viral, she’s racked up nearly 5,000 followers on her personal Facebook page made and is now getting stopped for pictures by fans.

The video has also been uploaded on Weibo, where netizens have given their thoughts.

“China needs more people like Sister Bin,” @最容易迷路的小J wrote.

“Some Chinese people are incredibly shameless. I completely agree with what Sister Bin said,” @嫒沫漓别 wrote.

h/t: Shanghaiist

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