Confused Chinese Tourists Lead Cops On a Car Chase, Didn’t Know They Had to Pull Over

A family of tourists from China inadvertently got themselves into a car chase with San Diego police officers after failing to recognize a signal and warning to pull over.

According to ABC10 News, the clueless family was breezing through the freeway in a Honda CR-V when they were chased down by the authorities on Interstate 8 in Mission Valley late Sunday evening.

The cops reportedly sounded their sirens with lights flashing to catch the driver’s attention. Instead of pulling over, the tourists continued driving. A brief chase ensued with the Honda momentarily stopping in the middle of the road before speeding away again.

The car eventually pulled over on the shoulder near Mission Gorge Road after a few minutes of being chased. With their guns drawn, the cops surround the car as a confused female passenger came out. Two other passengers, a man and a young boy, also stepped out from the vehicle.

The officers later learned that it was all a misunderstanding as the tourists claimed they were not accustomed to cops pulling over cars with lights and sirens turned on.

After a brief lecture on road regulations, one of the officers even gave the boy a high five and an SDPD sticker. The family was sent off without citations.

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