Grandmother Helps Chinese Baby Poop in Front of U.K. Burberry Store

In the latest news of Chinese tourists doing the craziest things, a Chinese boy, with the help of his grandmother, was seen defecating just outside the doors of a Burberry store in the UK.

The tourists were spotted in a shopping center known as Bicester Village in the town of Oxfordshire, reports Apple Daily. The center is reportedly very popular amongst Chinese tourists and is known as a duty-free shopping mall. The area even includes metro signs in Mandarin, given the large amount of Chinese tourists there.

Onlookers snapped several pics as the grandmother assisted the young boy, who used a paper shopping bag as a mat to poop on. The boy is also holding what appears to be a napkin, presumably to use as toilet paper.

The most baffling part about this story is that the Burberry store, which shows on the map above as number 76, is just around the corner from a bathroom.

The boy and his grandmother now risk being identified by China’s National Tourism Administration, which tracks “uncivilized behavior” of Chinese tourists abroad.

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