Malaysian Police Are Looking For a ‘Chinese’ Tourist Who POOPED on Famous Beach in Broad Daylight


A female tourist caught defecating pin public on a popular beach in Peninsular Malaysia has caught the attention of local authorities.

The act, which took place on Port Dickson beach, was caught in photos that went viral on social media this week.

Twitter user @zudomon, who shared the photos over the weekend, claimed that the tourist and her companions are Chinese.

In an uncensored photo, she is seen squatting with her pants down as two companions stand next to her.

The photos, which were taken in broad daylight, have since drawn angry comments from Malaysians, with some calling out to ban Chinese tourists from entering the country altogether.

“They should be reprimanded at once. This is our country. We have to educate them that they cannot just do things as they please,” one wrote.

The backlash eventually caught the attention of the Port Dickson City Council, which announced that an investigation is underway, the New Straits Times reported.

“We are aware of the incident, but no police report has been made about it,” said Aidi Sham Mohamed, police chief at Port Dickson, according to Kosmo. “We ask anyone who has information to come forward to the police.”

As of now, it remains unknown if the tourists were actually Chinese or not

Images via Twitter / @zudomon

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