Chinese Toddler Survives After Stabbing Herself in the Throat With a Pencil

A three-year-old girl in China miraculously survived after accidentally stabbing herself in the throat with a pencil.

Xiao Hua was rushed to Guangxi Minzu Hospital in Nanning, Daily Star reported. Thankfully, her home was very close to the hospital.

With the pencil lodged on her neck, Xiao arrived at the hospital conscious with a little bleeding as the object remained firm. She was put under general anesthesia.

Dr. Ban Zhengfeng, an ear, nose and throat specialist, said the bleeding could have been worse if Xiao’s parents tried to remove the pencil.

“The girl’s parents acted correctly,” he said.

It appears the accident could have been prevented, after all. Xiao’s parents said she was drawing on her desk alone when she accidentally flipped the table, and in a grim turn of fate, impaled herself with the sharp tip of the pencil.

Xiao is currently recovering from the freaky accident.

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