Fat Chinese Tigers Are the Best Thing You’ll See Today

Fat Chinese Tigers Are the Best Thing You’ll See Today
Ryan General
February 6, 2017
A Siberian Tiger Park in China has caught the attention of Chinese netizens after photos of its rather portly Siberian Tigers recently surfaced online.
Images of the fat tigers first went viral on the Chinese social media site Weibo, reported Shanghaiist.
A Weibo user posted a joke asking: “Is this you after Spring Festival?” while showing nine photos of the chubby tigers.
Many netizens have started questioning the animals’ eating habits over the Spring Festival holiday which may have resulted in their extremely bloated physique.
It is important to note, however, that wild tigers, as well as other big cats, can gorge up to one hundred pounds in one sitting and then fast for many days. This is also considered beneficial for the tigers as the extra fat can help keep them warm during the extreme cold of the winter season. 
It is expected that they will revert be back to their normal shape just in time for the summer.
Heilongjiang’s Siberian Tiger Park, located just outside the city of Harbin, is China’s second largest Siberian tiger park, housing about 800 Siberian tigers along with other large cats such as lions and pumas. About 100 are available for viewing in the park.
There are only about 500 of the largest surviving tiger breed left in the wild.
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