Chinese Train Ticket Seller Demolishes Woman Who Cut in Line Twice

Chinese Train Ticket Seller Demolishes Woman Who Cut in Line Twice
Bryan Ke
October 29, 2019
A ticket seller from China is going viral for scolding a woman who cut in line twice at a railway station.
The video, which was posted on China’s social media platform Weibo, shows the ticket seller confronting the unruly passenger when she cut the line twice while buying her ticket, South China Morning Post reported.
The man, whose name was not revealed, scolded the woman and told her, “You’re the only one here violating public order.”
“No one else here has said anything, why should you?” the irate woman responded.
He then told the woman that he gets angry at people who cut through lines, but the woman defended herself by claiming that she was in a hurry.
The man then shut her down by stating, “Don’t talk to me. Stay away.”
Even though he was visibly angry at the woman, the ticket seller still did his job to inform her that “Only second-class seats are available” on her desired departure time and there are no first-class ones left.
“You didn’t queue up, it’s nice of me to even tell you this,” the man added. “Don’t talk to me, okay? You’ve already delayed everyone.”
“Save some face. Have some self-respect,” he told the woman, to which she replied, “So what if I’m shameless?”
“Then there’s nothing I can do. I can’t help,” he said.
The man stood his ground and refused to sell her a ticket unless she lined up just like everyone else.
She eventually budged and queued up at his counter even though other windows were also open.
Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube / South China Morning Post
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