Chinese Thief Steals Phone, Accidently Runs Right into a Police Station

The ignorance of one Chinese thief led to his own arrest seconds after snatching a woman’s phone.

The incident occurred on March 31 in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province on a rainy morning.

CCTV footage showed the woman waiting by a traffic junction when the man sprinted to take her phone. She chased him but tripped and fell in her attempt.

However, the thief unknowingly prepared to cuff his own hands as he cluelessly ran straight to a nearby police station, The Paper (via South China Morning Post) reported.

An officer who was smoking stopped the man as the victim managed to follow, screaming that he took her phone. As a result, the thief was arrested without incident.

The report drew amusement among social media users while authorities thought it was a rare moment.

One officer said (via SCMP):

“When he ran into the station, his expression was panicked and confusion was written all over his face. Normally, suspects are quite sly. But this suspect appeared to be unfamiliar with the area, so he ran directly into our police station. This is a very rare occurrence.”

Investigation revealed that the man had just arrived in Shenzhen and was looking for employment and a permanent residence.

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