Chinese Teen Rushed to the Hospital After Swallowing a Thumbtack to Win a $30 Bet

A sixteen-year-old in China brilliantly accepted a bet that would see him swallow a thumbtack and three ballpoint pen refill tips for just 200 Yuan, or about $30. The teenager, Wang Chuan, was rushed to Shandong University Qilu Hospital after the incident, according to the Qilu Evening Post.

Chuan reportedly accepted the bet from his classmates. Puzzled by why the boy would willingly swallow the items, the doctors told the Post, “We also do not understand young children now.”

Treating Chuan did not come easy. Finding tiny pieces of metal in his digestive system is one challenge, but getting them out safely is another.

Chuan fortunately did not undergo any damaging surgical procedures. Li Pengyu, the hospital’s vice director of emergency surgery, informed that it would be better for him to eliminate the thumbtack naturally. For treatment, he was given laxatives.

Fortunately, Chuan was able to eliminate the thumbtack the following day, Shanghaiist noted.

In four hours, doctors located the pen tips via laparoscopy, a minimally-invasive procedure that inserts a probe through the abdominal wall. Each tip measured one centimeter in length, and Li said they were “very hard to find.”

Following treatment, Chuan looked in good mental state. However, he and his mother refused to be interviewed by reporters.

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