Chinese Teen Over 7 Feet Tall to Set Guinness World Record for Tallest Young Male

Chinese Teen Over 7 Feet Tall to Set Guinness World Record for Tallest Young Male

October 21, 2020
A 14-year-old Chinese student is set to be confirmed as the world’s tallest male teenager.
Someone to look up to: Ren Keyu, a schoolboy from Leshan in Sichuan, stands at over 7 feet in height and is a towering figure inside the classroom, MailOnline reports. 
  • The boy, nicknamed Xiaoyu, measured 7 feet 3 inches, at least two feet taller than his classmates.
  • He celebrated his 14th birthday on Sunday, and he still has several years of growth ahead of him. 
  • Xiaoyu’s height is so unusual for his young age that special furniture has to be made for him, The Sun reported.
  • His desk and chair at school were also designed so he could study comfortably.
  • According to his grandmother, Wu Mei, Xiaoyu’s growth burst came just in the past two years.
  • “Since I have entered school, I have noticed that I am taller than the other kids at my age,” he was quoted as saying. 
Tallest kid in the world: Xiaoyu is currently in the running to be recognized as the world’s current tallest male teenager by the Guinness World Records.
  • The title was previously held by a 7-foot-1-inch American teen, who was then aged 16 and is now over 18.
  • “Many students were mistaking me as a fellow from the senior generation,” he said. “That did disturb me but I decided to make it something positive by applying to Guinness to see if I could get the world record.”
  • Lu Lei, a Guinness World Records certification officer, said that to qualify, the challenger must be male and aged between 13 and 18.
  • The officer recently visited Xiaoyu in Leshan to certify his claim.
  • She was accompanied by Dr. Li Song from Leshan People’s Hospital and a journalist also documented the record application.
  • Following the measurement certification, the result will be audited at the Guinness headquarters in London. 
  • Once confirmed, Xiaoyu will be the new world record holder of being the “Tallest Youth” in the male category.
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