Chinese Teacher Stripped and Beaten After Having an Alleged Affair With Student

Family members  recently sought vengeance by stripping and beating the Chinese teacher who had a rumored affair with his female student.
Shocking footage of a teacher being beaten in Wei County, northern China’s Hebei province, has surfaced online. The unnamed man was attacked for having an alleged affair with a female high school pupil.
The victim suffered a number of bruises on his shoulders and legs. He was taken to the hospital following the altercation.
According to South China Morning Post, netizens claiming to be former students said the senior teacher from Weixian No. 1 High School had previously touched his female students inappropriately. The users claimed that he had also invited the women into his office.
One person said he was caught on Sunday for having “improper” sexual relations with a female student and consequently beaten the next day by her family members. Others responded to the incident claiming that the teacher had been set up by students who had been expelled from the school this year.
Authorities are currently investigating the bizarre case. China, however, is no stranger to humiliating public incidents. In June, an angry group of middle-aged women stripped off a young woman’s clothes, believing she was a mistress.In another incident, a woman stripped naked last year, when her boyfriend refused to buy her an iPhone 6s.
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