Chinese Teacher Goes Missing in Japan After Staying at Hostel

Chinese Teacher Goes Missing in Japan After Staying at Hostel
Ryan General
July 31, 2017
Japanese authorities are currently searching for a female teacher from China who had reportedly gone missing on the island of Hokkaido, Japan.
Parents of Wei Qiujie, the missing 27-year-old primary school teacher from Nanping in Fujian Province, have appealed for help to find and return her home safely.
Wei was supposed to travel back to China on July 25th after her solo trip to Japan, but she never made it to her return flight.
According to her family, they haven’t heard from her since July 22nd, China Daily reports.
Wei, who arrived in Hokkaido on July 18th, was last seen four days later leaving a hostel in central Sapporo. Surveillance footage revealed that Wei appeared happy as she left her luggage before departing.
When Wei did not return the following day, the hostel management alerted the police.
Investigations are currently underway as Hokkaido police continue their search for the missing teacher. Wei’s family has also been utilizing social media to spread the news of her disappearance in hopes of finding someone who might have any information that could help.
Days into the investigation, a handwritten letter addressed to her parents was reportedly found in her hotel room, reported Sina.
Wei’s father, who flew to Japan to aid the police in their search, was with the search crew when they found the note. The letter reportedly contained a message from Wei thanking her parents but she also said she wasn’t happy with her previous life and wanted to build a new one.
The case has created a buzz on social media as a similar case of disappearance happened very recently in Japan. Earlier this month, two Chinese sisters also went missing in Japan, only to be found dead days later stuffed inside suitcases in a forest.
Feature image via Sina news
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