Chinese Teacher Brutally Assaulted By Parent After Child Fails Exam

A teacher from Shuikoushan Middle School, located in Yongzhou, China, was hospitalized after being severely beaten by one of her students’ parent.

The teacher was assaulted by a parent after they discovered she criticized the boy for having a score of 3 out of 100 on a Chinese exam.

The parent is now under police custody and has been detained for a week as the investigation continues, South China Morning Post reported. Unfortunately, authorities have yet to release any official details regarding the attack, particularly where she was hit and the severity of her injuries.

The only known information about the teacher, who is only identified by her last name, Jiang, according to Sina Blog, is that she supervises pupils in Shuikoushan Middle School.

The investigation is ongoing.

Feature Image via Sina Blog

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