Chinese Teacher Brutally Beats Fourth Grader Because He Didn’t Finish His Homework

A father in Chongqing, China, is seeking compensation after learning that his son’s teacher brutally beat him with broomsticks — breaking two in the process — for not finishing his homework.
The father, Mr. Hu, came forward with his story when his son, a fourth grader, came home from school crying and unable to sit down on the couch, according to NetEase via Shanghaiist. When the boy’s father investigated by removing the boy’s pants, he was shocked by what he saw. He recounted:
“I pulled down his pants and he screamed. He was very scared. His butt was black and his pants were drenched in blood so much that his broken skin was sticking to the fabric.”
The little boy told his father that his teacher, Mr. Li, had beat him.
When the father contacted the teacher, he admitted to punishing the boy because he didn’t complete his dictation homework that day. The teacher took the boy to his office and made him squat and count to 400.  “If I didn’t count to 400 then he would beat me,” the boy said.
When the boy failed to count to 400, the teacher grabbed a broomstick and began to the beat the boy so badly that the broomstick broke. The teacher then grabbed a second broomstick and continued to beat the boy until that one also broke.
Mr. Hu contacted the press to report his son’s injuries. He showed pictures of the injuries to a reporter while sobbing:
“Look at this, I look and it breaks my heart. Look here, how could he be beaten that badly? He is my own son and I could never do such a thing to him, if I was a teacher, there is no way.”
The boy was taken to a hospital but was able to later return to school. While he has no permanent injuries, scars could still be seen on his skin. Mr. Li has since been suspended pending further investigation.
The boy’s father is now seeking compensation for his son from the teacher but wishes to settle out of court. So far, they have not been able to agree on an amount. The father is seeking 30,000 yuan ($4,711) from the teacher who has only agreed to 10,000 yuan ($1,570).
“It depends on them, if they say 30,000 yuan then 30,000 yuan,” the father said. “With my child being hurt in this way, if I did not speak out then I would be an unworthy father.”
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