Chinese Supermom Finishes 1.2 Mile Race Despite Being 5 Months Pregnant

A 35-year-old mother is being praised by netizens for finishing a 2-kilometer (1.2-mile) race in Hangzhou, the capital of China’s Zhejiang Province, despite being five months pregnant with her second child.

Shen Huijuan, a middle school physical education teacher, participated in two marathon events in the city alongside her husband and son, according to Shanghaiist. Photos of her smiling and running with her pregnant belly exposed became viral and won the hearts of many netizens.

Image via iFeng

While some find her physical activity inspiring, others may not necessarily approve. Those who follow traditional Chinese customs regarding pregnancy believe that doing heavy work and exercise, as well as sexual intercourse, could cause miscarriage, especially in the early months.

However, women today are embracing much more modern views and beliefs about pregnancy, such as the need for regular exercise for pregnant women.

Image via iFeng

This is not Shen’s first time participating and competing in a marathon. The teacher, who is also an experienced marathon runner, reportedly came in third place among all women in last year’s race in Hangzhou, where she finished in an incredible 3 hours and 16 minutes.

Featured Image via iFeng

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