Chinese Supercop Goes Viral After Stopping Traffic to Help Old Man Cross the Street

A police officer in China’s Sichuan Province is gaining the collective approval of the internet for the kind gesture he showed to an elderly man who was trying to cross a street.

Surveillance footage showed that the officer, identified as Li Kang, blocked a busy intersection to help an old man make his way across the street.

The man reportedly started crossing after getting the pedestrian signal. However, the lights had already changed while he was only halfway, CGTN said.

This is where officer Li, who works for the Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau, stepped in.

He told reporters (via 9Pickle), “I was afraid that he would be knocked down or frightened by the passing vehicles.”

The video turned out to be an instant hit. It has been viewed over 700,000 times on Streamable since its posting yesterday.

Watch the Good Samaritan below:

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