Chinese Students are Now Getting Plastic Surgery to Ace Job Interviews

Chinese Students are Now Getting Plastic Surgery to Ace Job Interviews
King Malleta
April 24, 2017
Students in China are seeking the help of plastic surgeons with hopes that enhancing their physical appearance can give them better chances at job interviews.
In hopes to improve the quality of their work and love life, an increasing number of young Chinese are going to clinics and hospitals for cosmetic procedures. South China Morning Post said that the number of students getting “something done” increased by 200%.
This growing trend was reflected recently when a hospital in the northeastern city of Tianjin hosted an event for college students encouraging them to try cosmetic surgery before they become young professionals.
“A lot of people talk about ‘plastic surgery’ as something that is scary, but the actual procedure is very easy. This is not just to look more beautiful, but it’s more about an investment for building up a family and a career,” said one student.   
According to the director of plastic surgery at Tianjin Hospital, majority of students prefer minor cosmetic procedures like botox and non-invasive facelifts.
There are approximately four million Chinese under the age of 30 who had gone under the knife, said Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Association of Plastics and Aesthetics, Wang Yongan.
Carbonated TV said students were greatly influenced by their parents who undergo cosmetic procedures themselves. Additionally, there is also the notion that beauty automatically makes someone “high value.”
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