Chinese Students Jailed After Swindling KFC Out of $30,000

Chinese Students Jailed After Swindling KFC Out of $30,000
Thy Nguyen
May 13, 2021
A group of students from Shanghai received prison sentences of up to two and a half years after swindling KFC out of $30,000 by using a loophole. 
What happened: A 23-year-old student, identified as Xu, first learned how to outsmart KFC in April 2018. He realized he could order free food by using coupons from the KFC app and then request refunds of these coupons through another app. 
  • Xu allegedly shared this loophole with four other students, and they resold their coupons to make a profit, according to Vice.  
  • Between April and October in 2018, KFC lost approximately $9,000 from the free food that Xu ordered. Losses between $1,400 and $7,300 were caused by his schoolmates. 
About the charges: The Xuhui Court ruled the university students’ behavior as “deceptive,” and they were eventually charged with fraud, The Paper reported on Tuesday.
  • Xu was charged with a $930 fine and a prison sentence of two years and six months. 
  • The other students were fined approximately $155 to $620, and their prison sentences range from three months to one year. 
Featured Image via Jerry Michalski (CC BY-SA 2.0)
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