Chinese Students Forced to Smash Their Phones When They are Caught Using Them in Class

Chinese Students Forced to Smash Their Phones When They are Caught Using Them in Class

September 19, 2018
A video of middle school students smashing their smartphones after getting caught using them in class has gone viral on Chinese social media.
The incident took place at a middle school in Yongzhou, Hunan Province on Sept. 4.
In the video, two male students smash their phones against the floor in front of their teacher and classmates.
When the first student didn’t smash hard enough to do his electronic device damage, he was told to pick it up and try again.
The school reportedly prohibits mobile phone on campus with a zero-tolerance policy.
According to the The Paper, the teacher, surnamed Xiong, caught the students playing on their phones during an evening self-study session.
Xiong, who teaches politics, claimed that students “voluntarily” decided to destroy their phones after realizing their mistake, though he reportedly demanded them to do so the night before.
The school administration ruled that Xiong had violated regulations of the Ministry of Education regarding the use of mobile phones, China News reported.
They determined that Xiong was right in enforcing school policy, but dismissed his method of discipline as “inappropriate.” His monthly salary was deducted as a result.
The school vows to improve its management methods regarding students using phones.
Netizens condemned the barbaric disciplinary action:
“This teacher is insane.”
“Is it really voluntary? The first student looked at the phone screen before smashing it the second time. It was obviously very distressing.”
“Is this a joke? The teacher ordered him to pick it up and smash it again. This is not voluntary.”
“Listening to the teacher’s voice, I can tell this is not voluntary.”
“This teacher could have confiscated the phones and notified their parents instead. Why destroy private property?”
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