Chinese Students Attack Korean Waiter Because He Couldn’t Serve Them More Alcohol

Chinese tourists are really getting on everyone’s nerves in South Korea.

Last week, tourists left South Korea’s Jeju International Airport looking like a garbage dump. This time, three Chinese students were arrested for assaulting a restaurant employee in the same province.

The incident occurred around 4 a.m. on Tuesday, The Korea Times reported. As it was late, the employee asked four Chinese students to leave because the restaurant was closing.

However, the students refused to leave and asked for more alcohol.

When the employee denied their request, three of the students began to assault him.

They threw water bottles at the employee, asking, “Are you ignoring us because we’re Chinese?”

The students reasoned that it was okay for them to drink due to the time gap between China and South Korea. They rounded the helpless employee into a corner before making further assaults.

A witness recalled:

“They were angered from the beginning when we couldn’t serve them the food they ordered because we were out of ingredients. They started to think they were being mistreated because they were Chinese and started behaving aggressively.”

Check out the incident below:

Two of the students were arrested immediately after the incident. The third student was arrested after being taken to the hospital over claims he was injured.

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