Chinese Student Uses Her Long Legs to Cheat on Accounting Exam

Cheating in school is inexcusable, but one accounting student in China came up with a way to ace a test by writing her notes on her long legs.

A classmate ended up posting photos on social media showing the unidentified student lifting up the dress of her skirt to reveal a bunch of scribbled notes on her leg.

According to Daily Mail, the post reads: “I burst out laughing, literally. This is how my classmate cheats on her exams! Exams is never an easy test, right? Hahahaha, hope this post will make her famous!”

The photos were soon shared all over Chinese social media with thousands of online netizens leaving comments on the post.

While the cheating student has not been identified, web users remarked that the notes on her leg involved accounting terms.

“This is just simple debits and credits bookkeeping,” one commenter said.

Some ridiculed the student’s behavior, while others defended the woman, saying that “perhaps she just wanted to show off her long legs.”

This obviously is not the first time a student was caught cheating off notes.

In 2013, a Chinese student also carried her cheat sheets all over her legs and inner thighs while taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) in Southern California, according to Ettoday via DramaFever.

She was eventually caught by test monitors and immediately asked to leave the premises.

Instead of apologizing and regretting her actions, the student became angry, and reportedly kept pointing out, “Everyone does this in China.”

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