Chinese Student Parks Car in Neighbor’s Driveway, Becomes Instant Horror Story

Chinese Student Parks Car in Neighbor’s Driveway, Becomes Instant Horror Story

July 24, 2017
Without any prior notice, a Chinese student left his car parked in his neighbors’ driveway in Wales and asked them to look after it for eleven weeks while he takes a vacation in China.
Jack, a student at Aberystwyth University in Wales, left his black Citroen and a cactus outside the house of retired couple Tom and Julia Ebenezer in Aberystwyth, Ceredigion.
According to Cambrian News, he also left his Chinese contact details in a cheeky note asking them if they could care for the vehicle while he’s away.
“Hi, it’s Jack from Glan Rheidol, thank you so much for let me park my car here, if you don’t mind, can you help me to take care of my plant as well please.
I will bring some present from China for you. If there is any problem, please call me. I will be back at 15 September. Thank you so much.”
The 18-year-old, who flew to China even before he got the couple’s approval to park his car, will not be back until the middle of September.
Ms. Ebenezer told BBC that they wanted to move the car but couldn’t because he did not leave his keys.
“He’s parked over our manhole, which could be quite serious,” Ms. Ebenezer was quoted as saying. “The other issue is that if someone did something to the car and it went on fire, the vehicle is on private property and the police cannot do anything about it.”
Ms. Ebenezer added that she was “flabbergasted” that he left his car and cactus since they had only spoken to him briefly a few times.
“It is quite a nice note, obviously thanking us, and he’s going to bring us a present back from China,” she said.
“He telephoned yesterday full of apologies, and would I please please accept his apologies, he’s heartbroken in China of what he’s done.
“Ok he’s done wrong, I’ve accepted his apologies, but the main concern is to get the message out to the community what can happen to them.”
In an interview with Daily Mail, Jack gave a bizarre reason why he opted not to leave his keys: “I didn’t want to leave my key outside the house or in the mailbox on the door because I didn’t want their pug to eat my keys. It is really harmful for dogs. Basically, I didn’t leave my keys, so they couldn’t move the car. I’m quite upset about this.”
He also oddly explained that it was a “misunderstanding” that the couple was not at home when he left his car in their driveway.
It was later found out that according to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), the car had a Statutory Off Road Notification which means it can’t legally be driven on the road.
According to Daily Mail, a notice was left on the car by Ceredigion County Council saying the car “ought to be destroyed” if not removed within seven days.
The couple, however, is unable to do anything about it.
“We have tried calling [the owner of the car] three times,” Ms. Ebenezer said. “We have had to halt work in the back and, of course, the window cleaner has come but couldn’t do the whole house because the car is in the way.”
Jack’s “solution” for his current dilemma is to send his car keys to the couple so they can move the vehicle.
Feature Image via Cambrian News
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