Chinese Socialite Busted For Illegal Gambling, Charging $17,400 Per Night As An Escort

Chinese Socialite Busted For Illegal Gambling, Charging $17,400 Per Night As An EscortChinese Socialite Busted For Illegal Gambling, Charging $17,400 Per Night As An Escort
It’s no secret that their are a lot of negative connotations tied to being a “socialite.” One of the hottest stories out this week in China centers around 23 year-old-Guo Meimei.
Guo is most known for showing off her wealth and luxurious lifestyle on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter. From her posts, she’s garnered almost two million followers and become an internet celebrity. She first came into the spot-light around in 2011 after she started posting photos of herself posing in luxury sport cars with designer handbags. Back then, she claimed that she made her money from working at the Chinese Red Cross as a commercial general manager.
However, as smart as she may be, no one is above being careless when posting on social media. Guo was busted last month for operating an illegal gambling center after police were tipped off by some of her posts, including one of her bragging about her winnings from betting on matches during the World Cup.
In a televised confession Sunday night, she also revealed that she made a lot of money working as an escort. She told police that she charged no less than 100,00 yuan, roughly $17,400 USD, per night.

“I’m really not short of those who want to keep me as [a] mistress…There are many who would spend money to sleep with me for a night, no matter the price.”

Her other projects included starring in her own biopic, which she invested in herself and began production last year.
Perhaps the biggest loser in this ordeal is the China Red Cross, who has seen significant drops in donations after Guo publicized her alledge connection with them. Since then she’s apologized to the Red Cross:

“Because of my vanity, I’ve made a very big mistake. I’d like to sincerely apologize to Red Cross, also to the people and especially to those who need to receive help but haven’t.”

On Monday, the charity called on donors to focus their attention away from Guo Meimei and instead towards providing aid to people affected by the earthquake in Yunnan, which so far has claimed almost 600 lives.
Source: CNN
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