Korean celebrities face anger from Chinese, South Korean netizens over their Olympic athlete support

Korean celebrities face anger from Chinese, South Korean netizens over their Olympic athlete supportKorean celebrities face anger from Chinese, South Korean netizens over their Olympic athlete support
South Korean celebrities attacked
Bryan Ke
February 10, 2022
Some Chinese social media users have reportedly targeted South Korean personalities for posting about certain athletes in light of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics speed skating disqualification scandal.  
South Korean rapper Paloalto took to social media to express his disappointment after athletes Hwang Dae-heon and Lee June-seo were disqualified for ​an illegal late pass and lane change, respectively, at the Winter Games on Monday, The Korea Herald reported. The disqualification helped Team China take home gold instead.
Moments after posting on Instagram, the 38-year-old artist received messages from outraged Chinese social media users. 
I thought we shared a bond through music regardless of nationality. I never expected to receive such emotional and repulsive reactions like this,” the rapper reportedly wrote.
In a series of Instagram Story posts, Paloalto shared some of the positive messages he received from his fans, with one writing, “I’m really really sorry for what you’ve experienced on Weibo that day. That’s truly horrible and intolerable.” The fan then added that they tried to defend Paloalto from those “Chinese kids,” but it did not work.
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Korean TV host Jang Sung-kyu was also subjected to hateful messages on Instagram after he expressed anger over the recent speed skating disqualification. Chinese social media users reportedly left malicious comments on Jang’s Tuesday post, even going so far as to sexually harass the celebrity’s son in the comment section of an Instagram post from days before.
BTS leader RM was also targeted by Chinese netizens after cheering for Hwang on Instagram on Monday, as NextShark previously reported.
Meanwhile, South Korean social media users criticized Ningning, the only Chinese member of K-pop girl group Aespa, for supporting Team China on the social media platform DearU Bubble, according to Sportskeeda.
The post, which was made before Hwang and Lee were disqualified, prompted South Korean social media users to call out the artist for supporting the Chinese team’s alleged cheating at the Winter Olympics.
Ningning, whose real name in Chinese is Ning Yi Zhuo, immediately took down the post after the disqualification was announced. 
However, some fans managed to save copies of what she wrote. In her post, she congratulated all of the athletes, not just the Chinese participants.
The K-pop idol’s full post read:
Wow, I heard that China received it’s [sic] first medal tonight, I’m happy. My homeroom teacher just informed me that the two Olympic champions are alumni, which is an honor. All of our athletes are so amazing. While watching the Olympic Games, I think the athletes from all countries are amazing and have worked so hard. Way to go!! All the people on Earth are one family.”
Many fans rallied behind Ningning to support her.
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