Chinese Social Media Stars Shock Internet After Unedited Photos Leaked Online

Many internet users were shocked after a Weibo user’s unedited pictures were leaked online, showing the reality of what is really behind the camera, filters, and editing software.

On May 21, a Facebook page with the handle name of Ex Treme posted several before and after and behind-the-scenes pictures of what looks like a photo shoot.

“After being secretly photographed, I haven’t been in the best of moods,” the original Weibo post allegedly said as translated by World of Buzz. “That’s why these photos never made it online, after I weighed my options.”

Many social media users expressed amazement from the magic of editing software and how it can completely alter someone’s look with just a press of a button.

The pictures also brought to question the unrealistic and demanding beauty standards represented in social media.

“This is why you can NEVER trust those beautiful photos of people online. OMG,” one social media user replied.

Images via Ex Treme

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