Rich Chinese ‘Snake Boy’ Visits Singapore, Immediately Calls the Country Classless

A controversial Chinese internet celebrity has stirred Singaporean netizens’ anger after he posted several Facebook posts bashing the country after his arrival on it.

The notorious Liu Zichen, also popularly known online as “snake spirit boy,” (a reference to a popular folk legend in China) arrived in the Lion City on the 24th of February. Immediately upon his arrival, he posted: “I hate this classless place the most.” in Chinese, according to Shanghaiist.



Posted by 刘梓晨的唯一私人小号 on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

This was not the first time Liu wrote something against Singapore. He also posted on Facebook earlier this month how he looks down on Singaporeans for not speaking their own language.

Don’t think you are better than me just because you can speak some English. I can’t speak English, but I’m still higher class than you,” he wrote in a now-deleted post.

Angry Singaporean netizens have responded by telling Liu to leave the country and never return.

Liu Zichen gained notoriety by featuring in a nude photo shoot last year that showed off his ‘unique’ facial features and body figure that he claims are all natural.

Several leaked photos online featuring his younger self however, seemed to debunk his claims of having a natural “perfect” shape.

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