Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi begins deliveries of its first EV

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi begins deliveries of its first EVChinese smartphone maker Xiaomi begins deliveries of its first EV
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Bryan Ke
April 4, 2024
Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi has started deliveries of its first electric vehicle (EV) sedan, with 5,000 “Founder’s Editions” being dispatched first.
Key points:
  • Xiaomi CEO and founder Lei Jun commemorated the moment in a ceremony in Beijing on Wednesday, marking the company’s first-ever roll out for EVs, according to Reuters.
  • “Xiaomi’s car officially debuts, the real revolution in smart cars has officially begun, and China will surely give birth to a great company like Tesla,” Lei said in a speech.
  • Xiaomi first unveiled the car on Feb. 17.

The details:
  • Xiaomi has reportedly received over 100,000 orders for its first EV sedan. The company noted that buyers would have to wait four to seven months before they would receive their orders due to high demand.
  • The “Founder Edition” SU7, limited to 5,000 cars and equipped with additional accessories for early buyers, were the first ones the company produced.
  • The entry price point for the SU7 Standard model is 215,900 yuan ($30,000). Meanwhile, the Pro and Max models cost 245,900 yuan ($34,000) and 299,900 yuan ($41,500), respectively.
  • The SU7’s Standard models are cheaper than Tesla’s Model 3 in China, even after the Model 3’s recent price slash in January to 245,900 yuan ($34,000).
  • Specs-wise, the SU7 will come at a length, width and height measurement of 16.39 feet, 6.44 feet and 4.72 feet, respectively, with a wheelbase of 9.8 feet. The Standard and Pro are claimed to go as far as 350 kilometers (217.4 miles) on a 15-minute charge, while the Max can travel 510 kilometers (316.89) on a 15-minute charge.
  • Xiaomi will begin delivering the Standard and Max models in late April, followed by the Pro model in late May.
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