Chinese School Worker Poisons Kids With Schizophrenia Drugs After Not Getting a Raise

Chinese authorities recently arrested a female school caretaker who allegedly poisoned kindergarten students in revenge for not getting a pay rise.

The suspect, who works at Hongri Kindergarten in the city of Dongguan in China, reportedly added schizophrenia medication to the students’ meals.

Identified only by her surname Yang in the reports, the caretaker was responsible for cleaning at the school and serving meals to the students.


On March 15, ten kindergarteners who had lunches served by the suspect were immediately sent to a hospital by their parents after exhibiting signs of dizziness at home.

The school’s  surveillance footage caught the caretaker adding unknown substances to the children’s meals. An investigation would later yield a bottle of a schizophrenia medication called clozapine, which was found at the caretaker’s home.

According to the People’s Daily (via Daily Mail), her request for an increase in wages was earlier denied by the school.


Upon questioning, she confessed that she used her own antipsychotic medication to poison the students for revenge.

The food poisoning victims, who were all sent to the Huangjiang Hospital for treatment, have already been discharged.

The news has sparked a massive reaction from netizens with many outraged by the caretaker’s actions.


“How could you relate a pay rise to the innocent children?” a Weibo user wondered.

“She would be strictly punished,” another commented.

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