Chinese School Removes Chairs in Cafeteria So Students Will Study More

A high school in China surprised its students who were returning from their summer break with some changes in the cafeteria.

Students at the school in Shangqiu in Henan province were forced to eat standing up during breaks as all the benches and chairs were removed from the cafeteria, according to a report by Pear Video.

As it turned out, the school administrators were trying to urge students to spend less time chatting and eating and instead focus more of their time studying.

A school employee revealed in an interview that the school will also be implementing specific areas assigned for each student where they can stand to further reduce time spent inside the cafeteria.

“In general, it should take about 10 minutes to eat a meal,” the employee was quoted by Shanghaiist as saying.

Some students believe that the school might have been inspired by Hengshui, a chain of schools known as China’s top cram schools or “gaokao factories.”

Hengshui schools have become notorious for motivating students to study harder by employing extreme disciplinary tactics such as installing two tanks outside the entrance of one of the schools in Hebei province.

A Hengshui student, however, revealed that even they have benches to sit on in their cafeteria during their breaks.

Featured Image via Pear Video

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