Chinese School Accused of Feeding Students Food Meant For Pigs

A primary school in eastern China has been accused of serving food intended for pigs to its pupils.

The canteen at Haiyang Yingcai School allegedly stored chicken and pig feed, China News reported.

The school, located in Yantai, Shangdong province, saw hundreds of angry parents march outside its premises on Monday, demanding an explanation.

The canteen allegedly served students with moldy steamed bread, soured vegetables and rotten fruits for lunch.

In defense, the school claimed that the food they served was fresh. Those that didn’t look so fresh, such as rotten tomatoes, were only “isolated cases.”

It insisted that the pictures of questionable eggs, meat and potatoes taken by parents were normal or undergoing treatment.

But parents were not convinced. According to South China Morning Post, inspectors visited the school to collect food samples from the canteen for testing. Results are expected in a week.

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