Chinese Scam Artist Attacked By Angry Mob ‘Hypnotizing’ Malaysian Victim

Chinese Scam Artist Attacked By Angry Mob ‘Hypnotizing’ Malaysian Victim
Carl Samson
February 27, 2017
A Chinese woman who allegedly “hypnotized” a 58-year-old Malaysian into surrendering her jewelry was caught and tied to a tree on Saturday.
The fraudulent scam occurred in August last year, when the 56-year-old trickster approached the victim for help. She claimed that her child was sick and asked to be brought to a nearby location.
The victim apparently consented to aid her. Along their way, they met a second accomplice who asked to be brought to the same place.
A third accomplice showed up as they arrived at the site. There, all three asked the victim to take off her jewelries before vanishing from sight.
The victim reported feeling as if she was “under a spell” when the scam took place, The Star Online said. The jewelry, which include a gold necklace, gold bracelet, jade pendant and jade bracelet, were worth approximately RM 10,000 ($2,253). Unfortunately, the woman and her accomplices were never caught.
On Saturday, a few months after the crime, the victim spotted the Chinese fraudster at a local market and called for help from the public.
The trickster was immediately seized by the crowd and tied to a tree with raffia string. The police were alerted of the incident shortly.
Local police chief ACP Megat Mohd Aminuddin Megat Alias said the suspect will be kept in custody for four days, Free Malaysia Today noted.
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