Chinese Salsa Dancer Might Make Steve Harvey Think of Asian Men Differently

The charming 10-year-old boy from China who went viral on Chinese social media almost a year ago for his amazing salsa dancing skills was recently featured in Steven Harvey’s talent show “Little Big Shots”.

Proclaiming himself as “Latin Dance Little Fatty”, He Xiongfei wowed Harvey and the crowd with his electrifying performance on Sunday, SCMP reports.

The boy, a fourth-grade student from the Chinese province of Henan, also showcased his confidence and personality during the interview with the American host with some help from his interpreter.

Before his performance, the adorable dancer told Harvey that he did not expect that learning to dance would make him popular.

His mom enrolled him in Latin dance classes in 2014 in an effort to make him lose weight. At 4 feet 7 inches tall and 143.3 lbs, he was overweight at that time.

“I learned to dance for the sake of losing weight,” he said. “I didn’t know that I would become so hot.”

When a video of him performing his epic salsa dance was shared online in China last year, he became an overnight sensation.

His appearance in the American reality show has now made the talented “Little Fatty” an international star.

The YouTube video of his “Little Big Shots” appearance posted last Friday has so far amassed over 372,000 views and 4,000 likes.

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