Chinese Kindergartener Stuns the Internet with 15-Page Résumé

Chinese Kindergartener Stuns the Internet with 15-Page Résumé
Bryan Ke
November 2, 2018
Kids these days really grow up so fast. Probably not as fast as this 5-year-old kindergartener from Shanghai, China, who already has a number of accomplishments listed in his 15-page curriculum vitae.
In images that have now gone viral on Chinese social media, the kindergartener went on to list his accomplishments as well as his parents’ credentials, who both graduated from Fudan University (one of the country’s prestigious universities) and both work for Fortune 500 companies, according to Shanghaiist.
Next up in his CV, the kid listed down his positive traits and explained them all including his “strength” since he is able to take a shot at the doctor’s office without crying; “confidence,” when he demonstrated his lack of stage fright as he served as the host of his kindergarten’s annual performance; and lastly, his “fortitude” where he absorbs criticism well and is able to rededicate himself back to his studies instead of pouting.
In terms of academics, the kindergartener listed in his CV that, despite his young age, he has already studied different forms of mathematics including geometric cognition, logical reasoning, and spatial thinking, the report said. He even performed a number of science experiments to help him understand the principles of buoyancy, magnetic force, and gravity, all traits that are beneficial to his future.
However, the most impressive part is how the child has already read more than 10,000 Chinese and English books. Furthermore, the CV states all 500 English books he has read, he finished this year alone.
Apart from his reading achievements and academic endeavors, the kid also travels with his family. He marked all the places he’s ever been in the travel section of his CV.
However, many netizens were quite alarmed and expressed their worries after seeing the kid’s CV, especially when it listed how he enriches himself with other hobbies such as playing the piano, breakdancing, football, and “graffiti art” when he is not studying or reading.
I feel stressed out just reading his daily schedule, I don’t know how the kid handles it,” one user on Weibo  wrote in the comment section.
Is he happy?” another person wondered.
While some were worried about the child, there are those who could not believe what they just saw and were pretty impressed by the child’s achievements.
“I just graduated from university and my CV does not measure up to his,” said one Weibo user.
Images via Weibo
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