Chinese Restaurant Owner Who Held Teen at Gunpoint With BB Gun Will Not Face Kidnapping Charges

A Chinese restaurant owner who took a 13-year-old boy “against his will” and pointed a BB gun to his head in early June will not be facing kidnapping charges.

Parts of the story, which was caught on video, occurred at Double Dragon restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky on June 4.


This week, a grand jury in Jefferson County indicted the suspect, Fabao Chen, 59, for wanton endangerment and unlawful imprisonment, WDRB reported.

According to a witness, Chen took the African American boy from a Kroger store at gunpoint before bringing him to his restaurant.

“The man grabbed him by the arm and pulled a gun out then,” witness Sean Jenkins said. “He told him, ‘No, you be still, you be still!'”

“I said, ‘Hey man, keep the gun on me, man, cool. Just keep it off the kid.'”

In the video, Chen can be seen restraining the boy on the wrist while holding the gun.

When bystanders attempted to intervene, Chen allegedly pointed the weapon at them “in a threatening manner.”

In an initial court appearance, Chen, who does not speak in English, claimed that the boy had thrown a bottle at his restaurant the day before.

The boy’s mother, however, disputed his claim, arguing that her son was at school at the time his accusation supposedly occurred.

Image via YouTube / WLKY News Louisville

Chen, however, has not been indicted on a kidnapping charge, according to WLKY.

The 59-year-old will return to court for arraignment on July 22.

Featured Image via WLKY News Louisville (Right)

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