Chinese Reporter Accuses Algerian Parliament VP of Sexually Harassing Her

A reporter covering an international meeting hosted by China’s Communist Party has accused the Vice President of Algerian parliament of sexual harassment.

AFP’s China correspondent Joanna Chiu attended the event where hundreds of political leaders from around the world came to Beijing to recognize Xi Jinping’s contributions to the global prosperity.

On a Twitter post, Chiu recounted how People’s National Assembly of Algeria vice president Mohammed Moussaoudja told her during a meeting on Saturday, “I want to marry you to my colleague.”

Chiu said she responded with a “death glare.” When Moussaoudja claimed that he was just “joking,” Chiu took out her camera and started taking photos.

Another delegate even placed his hand on her lower back as she made her exit.

To add insult to the offense, Moussaoudja’s staff told her that the politician was merely giving her a “compliment”. Her “overreaction” was because she failed to understand Algerian culture.

The Hong Kong-born reporter, who grew up in Canada, said that her Twitter post has encouraged responses from Algerian women who revealed that in their country, they frequently deal with such kind of sexual harassment.

Feature image via Twitter/joannachiu

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