Chinese Realtor Becomes Instant Celebrity Because Her Name is ‘Creamy Wang’

An ad of a licensed real estate agent who goes by the name “Creamy Wang” garnered the attention of netizens.

The poster displayed in New York City shows Shuangye Wang, who is apparently affiliated with Best Group Realty.

The ad provides Wang’s contact details, including her email address and mobile number, but people seem to be more interested with how she calls herself.

Instagram user hautegigi shared a snap of her poster back in March, describing it with a bunch of hashtags.

Interestingly, another version of Wang’s ad appeared on image sharing site Imgur later, under the title How did you get that nickname?”

There, one user suggested that Chinese people deciding on an English nickname “really need to clear it with a native English speaker first.”

Needless to say, Wang certainly picked a very unique moniker one can’t possibly hear everyday.

Images via Instagram / hautegigi

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