Chinese Real Estate Agent Married Clients in Order to Help Them Buy Homes in Shanghai

A property agent in China was so devoted to his clients that he ended up marrying and divorcing four of them in order to help them acquire homes in Shanghai.

The 30-year-old agent, surnamed Wang, reportedly married his customers from outside Shanghai who were interested in buying homes in the city.

Because of certain laws that prohibit outsiders from buying properties in the city, Wang used his residency in Shanghai to help his clients. According to South China Morning Post, Wang was paid between $8,700 to $11,600 for the transaction.


When someone marries a Shanghai resident, they are then allowed to purchase at most two apartments. Wang’s clients ended up marrying him and then divorcing him before the property gets transferred to the buyer.

Wang also confessed that the oldest bride he’s married so far was 70-years-old, according to state-run CCTV.

Because of sketchy schemes like this, Chinese banks have tightened their regulations on mortgage applications. In doing so, they hope that they will be able to prevent scams from happening.


It was not revealed if Wang was punished for exploiting the loophole.

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