Chinese Professor Who Brings His Mother With Alzheimer’s to His Classes is ‘Son Goals’

Chinese Professor Who Brings His Mother With Alzheimer’s to His Classes is ‘Son Goals’
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
September 25, 2017
A university professor from Southwest China’s Guizhou Province is melting the hearts of many Chinese netizens for his unconditional love and dedication to take care of his mother who has Alzheimer’s disease.
The heartwarming story of Professor Hu Ming, 58, who teaches at Guizhou University School of Economics, was first posted online in 2016 on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo, and his story hasn’t resurfaced until recently.
I came to my theory class today, and there was an old lady sitting behind me. At the beginning I did not know why? Later I learnt that she is the teacher’s 80-something-year-old mother, and because he can’t leave her, he brings her to his classes. This is filial piety, I feel very moved,” a Weibo user wrote at the time.
According to BBC, Professor Hu was the only person that his mother, who is believed to be around 85-year-old, could count on. Her husband, Hu’s father, passed away in 2011 after succumbing to cerebral hemorrhage.
Hu has other siblings, too, but unfortunately, he is the only person she could recognize due to dementia. Her case, as explained by the 58-year-old professor, has become more severe that “she cannot tell the difference between when she is holding a soft drink, sugar, salt, or detergent.”
After his story became a huge hit on Weibo with over 120,000 likes, the professor was praised by many users for being a role model, a filial son as well as a good educator.
As for how the students accepted Hu’s mother, the professor told Beijing Youth Daily that they warmed up to her, and that she is “very obedient” while giving his lecture. But when asked if he had considered getting a nanny, Hu said there was never any question when it came to taking care of her.
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