Chinese Porsche Owner Blocks Neighborhood Entrance to Protest $10 Parking Fine, Immediately Regrets It

One Porsche owner has hopefully learned a valuable lesson in humility after his fancy sportscar got trashed by the angry residents of a Shanghai neighborhood.

The owner of the expensive convertible, identified only by his surname Huang, allegedly angered his neighbors after he parked his Porsche at the entrance of their neighborhood, blocking every resident’s path for 14 hours.

Angry residents decided to take revenge by throwing random items at the car: eggs, instant noodles, ink and paint, reported Netease (via Shanghaiist).

Earlier, Huang and a community security personnel reportedly had a dispute after he was asked to pay a fine of 70 yuan ($10) for seven days’ worth of parking fees. He was furious and claimed that he was exempted from paying “big fines” as a resident.

He also argued that while his Porsche was not registered with the community’s managing department, it is his second car. He also claimed that it was parked inside for only one day so he should only have to pay 10 yuan ($1.50).


Claiming that the guards insulted him, Huang tried to get revenge by parking his Porsche out in front of the complex to block its entrance. This prevented his fellow neighbors from using their entrance, who were then forced to use the emergency passage. Some residents took matters into their hands and gave his Porsche an unforgettable redesign.

Huang eventually moved his garbage-splashed car out of the way on Wednesday after police intervened and asked him to do so.

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