Chinese Policeman Endures Freezing Cold to Save Abandoned Baby Found in Park

A policeman from Chuxiong in southwest China’s Yunnan Province is now being hailed as a hero for saving an abandoned baby by offering his own shirt despite the extremely cold weather.

Image via Weibo / Yunnan Police

The policeman, identified as Wu Yu, along with his colleagues, responded to a call that his station received about an abandoned crying baby at Futa Park in Chuxiong, local news site reported, as translated by Daily Mail.

Upon arriving at the location, Wu discovered that the baby boy was shivering uncontrollably due to the freezing temperatures that night and his lips had already turned purple. He had clothing wrapped around him, but he reportedly kicked it off when he was crying.

Image via Weibo / Yunnan Police

Without hesitation, officer Wu immediately took off his uniform and coat, and proceeded to wrap the baby’s body with it. He did his best to keep the newborn warm as he embraced him with his arms close to his chest.

Still topless, the policeman carried the newborn in the cold of the night to the nearest hospital where he would get proper medical assistance.

After arriving at the hospital, it was discovered that the baby was abandoned by his parents at the park. Police are now looking for his biological parents.

Featured image via Weibo / Yunnan Police

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