Chinese Police Give Relationship Advice to Drunk Man Visiting His Parents for Chinese New Year

A man got himself drunk before going home for the Chinese New Year after being pressured by his parents to date. Luckily, police officers were willing to give more than a helping hand.

For many single Chinese men and women, Chinese New Year is a dreadful event if they have parents who force or pressure them to marry.

According to South China Morning Post, one man drank as much as he could before boarding the train home where his parents arranged some potential dates for when he arrives home for Chinese New Year, which will start on Saturday.


The man, who was only identified by his surname Li, could not even walk in a straight line and therefore was approached by police officers who offered more than assistance.

“Don’t be so stressed. You can’t force a marriage to come,” a policeman was heard giving Li a piece of advice.

He was given hot water to drink and was “comforted” by the kind police officers.


Li said that he used to have a girlfriend but she left him. He was also quoted saying that he failed his parents who have been pressuring him to marry for a long time now. However, he said that he wants to find his future wife instead of being coerced into an arranged marriage.

In China, it is common for parents to pressure their children to date during the Chinese New Year. This is also the reason why there are many services that offer boyfriend and girlfriend rentals for this particular occasion.

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