Chinese Police Department’s PSA for Knife Attacks Defense is Hilarious and Accurate AF

The Longyang District Branch’s Public Security Bureau in Baoshan, China recently sent out a public service announcement teaching citizens how to defend themselves from a possible knife attack — and it is EPIC.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the PSA went viral on Chinese social media,  according to Shanghaiist.

This is all probably due to the humorous take on the police officers on how they educate the citizen in case they encounter a mugging with the suspect carrying a knife.

So what do you exactly do when you are faced with this?

Well that’s very easy… YOU RUN LIKE HELL AND CALL THE COPS.

The humorous, and spot on PSA clip, has reportedly garnered over 16 million views on social media, according to New China TV via RT.

Featured image via YouTube / New China TV

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