Chinese Plastic Surgery Program Tells Students to Practice on Each Other

Chinese Plastic Surgery Program Tells Students to Practice on Each Other
Sebastian Dillon
September 11, 2015
A Chinese plastic surgery training center is under investigation after teachers used students as guinea pigs and asked them to practice procedures on each other.
For just 7,800 yuan, or about $1,200, the Jinghan Medical Cosmetology Training Centre in Beijing offered students training in minor cosmetic procedures. They even asked the students to hand over more money for the procedures that teachers would try on them, some of which ended horribly.
In a report by The Beijing News, one student revealed that she suffered a serious infection in her nose that required hospitalization after one teacher injected her with hyaluronic acid, which is typically used in anti-wrinkle skincare products.
Students, who also had no prior medical experience or training, were encouraged to practice injections on each other during class. Most of the students who enrolled were women in their 20s, and classes consisted of about 20 students.
The school reportedly had no business license and had been evicted from their last location for not paying the rent.
Some of the staff told undercover reporters that they planned on switching to other fake clinics, where they can have at least 40 students per class
According to Xinhua News, the cosmetology center is now being officially Investigated by the Beijing East District Trade and Commerce Bureau.
Source: SCMP
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