Chinese Photoshop Superstar Amazes Netizens With Beautiful Makeovers

Ever wondered what it’s like to have a different face? Wonder no more, because in China, there’s a photoshop superstar who can literally give your picture a whole new look.

Meet Sina Weibo star Kanahoooo.

Some Chinese women asked Kanahoooo to alter their look by photoshopping their untouched pictures and posting them online, according to iFeng.

Some requested to change their skin color, as well as the shape of their body like making them look thinner or even giving them more curves in certain places.

Other women also wanted to alter the shape of their eyes by making them bigger – somewhat similar to the big ones that often get featured in Japanese anime.

But there were those who truly wanted to have a total makeover by altering their physical appearance completely.

Of course, some men also wanted to try out Kanahoooo’s photoshop skills to make them look like women, with surprisingly good results.

Images Weibo / Kanahoooo via ifeng

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