Chinese ‘Patriot’ Broadcasts Herself Vandalizing a South Korean Store

Chinese ‘Patriot’ Broadcasts Herself Vandalizing a South Korean StoreChinese ‘Patriot’ Broadcasts Herself Vandalizing a South Korean Store
A Chinese woman was taken into police custody after she reportedly vandalized a local Lotte Mart supermarket on Sunday in China’s Liaoning province.
The woman’s infractions were even broadcast live with the aid of an accomplice who took the video. In the footage, she can be seen tearing through the store’s shelves, damaging any goods in her sight.
In recent weeks, the Chinese government and many of its “patriotic“ citizens have expressed condemnation over the U.S.-Korean anti-missile system called the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD). After Lotte, a South Korean and Japanese multi-national conglomerate, provided land for the controversial system to be built, the general public in China has since made a call to boycott its stores.
The woman in the video, however, had a much more destructive method in mind. She crushed packets of instant noodles, opened random snacks and beverages and consumed each of them without payment. The clip ended with her flashing dirty finger signs as the song “zhonguoren,” or “Chinese people,” played in the background.
After being broadcast by user “sipingraoge” on local live streaming platform Kuaishou Zhibo, the 49-second video immediately became viral, leading to the eventual identification of the suspect.  
In a public statement posted on its official Weibo account, the live-streaming platform stated that the misconduct has been discovered and the site has handed all available evidence to the police.
Shenyang police are currently investigating the matter. One of the officers handling the case explained how such action is bereft of logic.
“You have to be rational first before being patriotic. It is either stupid or malicious if one disgraces the country in the name of patriotism,” the officer said.
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