Chinese Patriot Attacks Man For Wearing Nike Shoes Because They’re Made in America

The Hague Tribunal decision that ruled in favor of the Philippines over who owns certain areas in the South China Sea have left some Chinese citizens expressing their dissatisfaction in some very weird ways.

While some have chosen to boycott Philippine exports, there were those who expressed hatred toward American products with some netizens even smashing their iPhones and then posting them on social media.

The latest display of “protest” came in the form of a violent attack when a “patriotic” Chinese man beat up another man who was thought to be wearing an American brand.

According to Shanghaiist, the attacker reportedly berated a man on a subway in Dalian for wearing Nike shoes, as for him, the shoes symbolized “support” for the United States, a known Philippine ally. Chinese media outlets has reported that the U.S. as the one truly behind the arbitration.

The so-called patriot reportedly accused the Nike-wearing man of being a spy and a sell-out who betrayed China’s interests. An exchange of kicks and punches ensued while a shrieking voice of a woman was heard in the background.  

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