Chinese Patient Plays With Her Phone During Operation to Help With Anxiety

Mobile phones are typically not allowed inside operating rooms, but a Chinese hospital made an exception for a 69-year-old patient to relieve her anxiety.

A patient from China with a surname Zhu went to a hospital in Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province to address the varicose veins on her legs. The woman had suffered from varicose veins for more than ten years due to her job as a skilled worker which required her to stand while on the job.

According to South China Morning Post, doctors allowed the woman to bring her phone into the operating room to help her feel more at ease. Zhu even took photos of the doctors and nurses while they were performing the operation on her leg.

Because the operation only required local anesthesia, the woman was awake during the whole process. The woman also said that she walked out from the room after the 18-minutes operation and checked out of the hospital the same day.

Doctors guaranteed that Zhu’s phone was sterilized before she was allowed to bring the device inside the operating room.

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